Posted by Krista Arendsen

find your g-spot

(in a tv commercial voice) Good news! The g-spot is real, and you can find yours!

The g-spot, or g-zone, is a cluster of nerve endings found on the belly button side of the vaginal wall. Pleasure from the g-spot comes from a few different places; the Skene’s gland (similar to the prostate), the back of the clitoral legs, and the urethra. For some the g-spot isn’t very sensitive, and for others it can feel almost as intense as clitoral stimulation. For others even, g-spot stimulation can be painful.

Everybody’s body is different.

To find the g-spot:

  • Insert a finger as far as it can go and crook it almost as though you’re doing a “come hither” motion.
  • The g-spot will feel slightly rougher and stick out more than the surrounding vaginal tissue.
  • Because the g-spot has erectile tissue, it can be easier to find if you’re already aroused.
  • Try having a clitoral orgasm before looking for it. The Blush Aria Hue-G can be a great toy to find your g-spot because of its larger surface area.
  • If you want to stimulate your g-spot during sex, try putting a position pillow under your butt while your partner is on top.
  • Or, if you’re a bit more limber, start in missionary, then rest your legs on your partner’s shoulders in the same position.
  • If you have a hard time keeping your legs up, the Sportsheets G-Spot Link can help.
  • You can also get on top of your partner and try rocking forward and back to stimulate your g-spot.
  • You might even find you’re one of those who can experience squirting (that’s real too!)

Pro tip: the g-spot tends to respond better to pressure and deep, rumbly vibrations, instead of friction. Look for vibrators that have a larger surface area when you’re starting out.