• October's ** Not so ** Spooky ** Staff Picks

    Posted by Krista Arendsen

    Are you ready to cuddle up, dress up, and try something wild? Well, you're right on time because October's Staff picks have it all. I'm here with Heather from our Fargo Store to share our picks and get you prepped for the most fun month of the year.

    Rainbow Tutu

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  • So You Want to Find Your G-spot? By Dani of Basex

    Posted by Krista Arendsen

    find your g-spot

    (in a tv commercial voice) Good news! The g-spot is real, and you can find yours!

    The g-spot, or g-zone, is a cluster of nerve endings found on the belly button side of the vaginal wall. Pleasure from the g-spot comes from a few different places; the Skene’s gland (similar to the prostate), the back of the clitoral legs, and the urethra. For some the g-spot isn’t very sensitive, and for others it can feel almost as intense as clitoral stimulation. For others even, g-spot stimulation can be painful.

    Everybody’s body is different.

    To find the g-spot:

    • Insert a finger as far as it can go and crook it almost as though you’re doing a “come hither” motion.
    • The g-spot will feel slightly rougher and stick out more than the surrounding vaginal tissue.
    • Because the g-spot has erectile tissue, it can be easier to find if you’re already aroused.
    • Try having a clitoral orgasm before looking for it. The Blush Aria Hue-G can be a great toy to find your g-spot because of its larger surface area.
    • If you want to stimulate your g-spot during sex, try putting a position pillow under your butt while your partner is on top.
    • Or, if you’re a bit more limber, start in missionary, then rest your legs on your partner’s shoulders in the same position.
    • If you have a hard time keeping your legs up, the Sportsheets G-Spot Link can help.
    • You can also get on top of your partner and try rocking forward and back to stimulate your g-spot.
    • You might even find you’re one of those who can experience squirting (that’s real too!)

    Pro tip: the g-spot tends to respond better to pressure and deep, rumbly vibrations, instead of friction. Look for vibrators that have a larger surface area when you’re starting out.

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