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True story, I have a new lover and they live far away from me. Like over 1000 miles far away, but we've been making it a priority to see each other when we can and doing our best to keep the lines of communication open.

For me, new love means inspiration and in my line of work, writing about sex and pleasure all day, it definitely gets my wheels turning. I'm looking around on Enchantasys Online and I can't help but stumble upon items that I think I would like to share with my lover on our next visit. 

Being long distance means he's even inspired me in some unexpected ways. Like writing this post to educate and to share with you all: Best Lubes for Your Penis. Enhancing your sex life alone can also enhance your sex life with a partner. For the health and benefit of you both. Win - Win - Win!

So on my most recent visit, I got really excited and decided to place my own order here on and pick up a couple things for me, something for him after I leave (from the list above), and some things for us to enjoy together.  

I had my eye on these dancing shoes from Ellie Shoes and this lovely Spring Bahama Mama Tropical Print Mesh Kimono pictured here:

Ellie ShoesLingerie


I asked him to take a few pictures the day before I left so that I could remember our time together. I also hope to get a chance to visit a couple-friendly sex shop like Enchantasys (locations) with him together someday really soon, where I can see what draws his eye and we can talk more about exploring our mutual interest and potential kinks. 

Have you ever taken your lover in with you to shop? Or showed them around on our site to find something you can enjoy together or add to your wishlists for upcoming holiday or birthday?

Do you have a story about a trip to the sex shop or an inspiring trip to Enchantasys online? Tell us about it and we may share your story right here in our blog (with your consent of course!) Email: Subject: Trip to the shop

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Trip to the Sex Shop

On my list for next time? Pink Pussycat Pill - I've got to try this and find out what all the fuss is about. 

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