Posted by Krista Arendsen

Spice it up

Dani and Jade teach Spice it Up classes at Enchantasys retail stores. Keep an eye on their page, linked below, for the next class coming soon.

One question we get all the time from our clients is “How can we spice up our love life?” and we don’t just get it from people who have been together for 40+ years. I’ve had that exact same question from couples who’ve been dating less than a year. It all has to do with what you’d consider “spicy”.

Here are some tips to increase heat and intimacy in your sex life.

  1. Communicate! If you’ve heard of some fun thing you want to try, speak up! Your lover isn’t psychic, and opening up to them gives them an opportunity to open up to you about some sexy thing they might have been wanting to try. If it’s easier, try writing down what you want to try since saying what you want out loud can leave you tongue tied.
  2. Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay! So many times foreplay is seen as a chore that gets in the way of the good stuff. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of making foreplay the 5 minutes before sex, make it last all day. It can be as simple as holding your goodbye kiss a little longer and making it a little deeper. Send a suggestive text message in the middle of the day. Let the sexual tension build until you can’t restrain yourselves!
  3. Self-pleasure together. Lie down together and take turns masturbating. Pay attention to how your partner touches themselves so next time you get hot and heavy you know exactly how to please each other. As a bonus, seeing your partner turned on can get you going too.
  4. Up your prop game. Don’t be afraid to incorporate toys and other goodies like blindfolds or position aids to make your experience that much better. We highly recommend the We-Vibe. It can be worn by just about anyone, and it’s small so it travels well. Plus, it can be controlled with an app so you can have your lover squirming from across the table or across the world.
  5. Try role-playing. A great way to spice things up as well as to leave behind the daily stresses of life is to pretend you’re someone else. Common roles include nurses, maids, teachers, and firefighters. Our favorite to recommend is to play strangers. You can make your characters as complex as you want, but the main goal with playing strangers is to flirt with and “pick up” your lover at a local bar, or even just in line at the grocery store. Use this opportunity to have a laugh and use the cheesiest pick up lines you can think of. We should never take ourselves too seriously.

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Bonus! Save and print out this "Yes, No, Maybe" list and fill it out with your partner. 

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