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I’ve never thought of condoms as a source of grief for my sexual health. As it turns out, many condoms are made with harmful chemicals, and animal products. Did you know there are milk proteins in most latex condoms?

Sustain Condom

Vaginas and anuses are some of the most absorbent parts of our bodies, so all those chemicals get absorbed and can wreak havoc on us. Enter Sustain, a condom company founded by father-daughter duo Jeffrey and Meika Hollender. Jeffrey also co-founded Seventh Generation, a natural cleaner company.

All of Sustain’s condoms are vegan, cruelty-free, fair trade, and organic. They come in multiple sizes, so they’re ready to accommodate just about everybody.

You can also feel good about where your money’s going while you feel good about the condom you’re using. 10% of Sustain's profits go to women’s healthcare organizations.

In their mission to increase sex education and pleasure, Meika also wrote “Get On Top”, a “Sex ed [book] for the #GirlBoss generation”- Christy Turlington Burns.

Are you ready to switch to condoms that are good for you and the planet and that give back to help others with every purchase? Check out Sustain Condoms Comfort Fit or for even more feelings try Sustain Condoms Ultra Thin.

Sustain Ultra Thin Condoms

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