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For about a year now I’ve experienced random twinges of stabbing pain around the openings of my genitals. You know the little scale of frowny faces at doctors’ offices ranging from 0😊 to 10😭? Mine range from around a 4 😕to a 7😞.

My pelvis came today! #pelvicfloor #sexeducation #soexcited #geekidoc @enchantasysrus

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I do consider myself lucky because the pain only lasts a few seconds so I only have to sit/stand awkwardly for a little while, legs slightly crossed, hands on inner hip, contorted face and a grunt or two. Also, I’ve definitely had worse pain in the form of menstrual cramps so bad I can’t move. So I just “power through”. But I’ve decided to get help, or at least try to find out what’s going on. Knowledge is power, right?

I'm taking this opportunity to catalog my journey because I believe that while pelvic pain is not normal, talking about it and asking for help should be normalized. I also recognize that there are people who are going through the same pain I am, and I hope this reaches them to encourage them to ask for help, or at least let them know they’re not alone.

Until now my excuses for not seeing a gyno have been “I’m too busy to make an appointment” and “I don’t like hospitals”. But I’ve pushed those excuses aside, and I’m reaching out. Stay tuned...