Posted by Krista Arendsen

'Tis the season for the best kind of parties! The invitations are piling up but what about the gifts? Our resident expert Dani of Basex has some great tips for you to pick the perfect bachelorette gift every time. 

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

First: decide how risque you want to go. Here are some options on a scale of 1 to 4 (1 being tame, 4 being risque)

1. Massage oil and bath bombs
This is ideal for the brides who aren’t necessarily comfortable with the more spicy times we offer, but it still gives the suggestion of erotica because massages can lead to other activities. Plus it encourages her to relax since we all know how stressful wedding planning can be. Pictured here: Voulez Vous Edible Massage Candle in Vanilla

2: Sexy Lingerie
This is ideal for brides who are a little spicier but aren’t necessarily comfortable with more intense items. Again it gives the suggestion of intimacy. Avoid white as frequently the bride has picked out her wedding night lingerie herself. See more: Best Selling Lingerie

3. Flavored lube and a sexy game
Now we’re getting kind of spicy! Flavored lubricants can be used for all kinds of fun! Use them for oral, flavor your ice cream or martinis at the party, or just use them as a lube for sex. Make sure you pick one that’s sugar-free since they have more sexy possibilities! Pictured here: Wicked Sensual Care Collection Waterbased Lubricant - Pink Lemonade

4. Sexy toy for her and her future spouse
If you choose to go this route there is no denying what she’s going to be doing on her honeymoon and after! Try to keep these kinds of gifts for the bachelorette party, and not the bridal shower as she might not want her relatives to know what she does in the bedroom. Pictured here: We-Vibe

If you’re picking lingerie
Ask the Maid of Honor what size bra and panties your bride wears and if she has a preferred style of lingerie. Does she like more or less showing? What’s her favorite color? Does she prefer more flowy styles or more body-hugging styles? If you’re still unsure what to get, Dreamgirl’s body stockings are a great option. Their one-size fits S-L and their one-size-queen fits XL-3X. Plus you don’t have to worry about finding matching stockings since they’re included!

If you’re picking out a sex toy
Again, this is a time to talk to the Maid of Honor. Find out what your bride already has at home, and you can either upgrade her toys or find her something completely new! If you’re looking for something she can use by herself, the new Womanizer Starlet is a great option because it’s portable and offers a wholly unique sensation. If you’re looking for something she can use with her partner, the Screaming O Charged O’hare can turn a penis or a dildo into a rabbit style stimulator. Plus it makes for a great finger vibe and the bullet is removable.

You can add a touch of risque to any gift by including a pair of handcuffs. With the fifty shades craze still going strong, a little bit of bondage goes a long way to adding some kink to anyone’s sex life. I recommend the Sex & Mischief Beginner’s Handcuffs since they can be used for wrist or ankles.

Now that you know what to get her, all you have to do is figure out what you want to take home for yourself!