Posted by Krista Arendsen

I’m so proud to be a part of an industry that has changed so much for the better in just the past five years. One of the things the industry is moving toward is better access for people with limited mobility. As a note, I do not have much limited mobility myself (other than some hip and back problems) but wanted to bring some attention to some great products that Enchantasys carries.

Sex Toys for Mobility Issues

Womanizer Plus: The original womanizer has amazing air-technology for clitoral stimulation and I got really excited when they came out with the womanizer +. It has a much longer handle, so it’s great for those with bigger bellies or those who can’t reach their genitals.

Sportsheets Doggy Style Strap: This strap is a life-saver for anyone with hip problems. It puts the weight off your hips in the hands of your partner for better leverage. I can’t even count the number of times I had to stop in the middle of sex because my hips and back hurt so much. But no more!

Calexotics Mini Marvels Mini Massager: This little multipurpose clitoral toy is great for those who are unable to hold small things with their fingers. You hold it between your first and second fingers and can use the flat edge or the tip for stimulation depending on preference.

Liberator Ramp: This position pillow is great for so many different positions! You can lay with your butt on the tail end to make your genitals more available for manual or oral stimulation. You can also use it in doggie style to support your hips, or in missionary to lift your butt for better g-spot stimulation.

Tantus Feeldoe: Though originally designed as a strapless-strapon, many people have found that the shorter end works as a great handle. This allows those who can’t reach their genitals to still have that thrusting motion that can feel amazing. Plus it comes in multiple thicknesses!

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