Posted by Krista Arendsen

Kegels are so important to vaginal health, but there are so many kegel exercisers to choose from! Here are my top five favorites that we offer at the store.

Bloom by WeVibe. I am a huge fan of the WeVibe brand, with their high-quality reliable toys in a huge variety of styles. The Bloom is a great addition to their line because it is an app-controlled vibrating kegel ball with interchangeable weights. This makes it great for beginners and experts alike, and they can be used for more than just exercising 😉


Mystim Electric Eric. Quite simply, it does everything for you! The Electric Eric works by sending currents through your muscles, making them contract with minimal effort from you. It isn’t safe for pregnant women, or those with heart conditions or pacemakers though, so it kind of limits who can use it.

NS Novelties Glass Eggs. Kegel eggs are a little different from other kegel balls because given their shape you can move them up and down instead of just squeezing around them. This means you can exercise multiple areas of your kegels instead of the same spot over and over. Plus they’re so easy to clean!

CalExotics First Time Duo Love Balls. This is my go-to kegel set for beginners. The large, lightweight balls are easy to hold inside, and they have a retrieval cord for easy removal (don’t worry, kegel balls won’t get lost without a cord).

cherry kegels

Shibari Cherry Kegel Set. In addition to being adorable, this kegel set has something for everyone. While I would prefer that the cherries were different sizes (the lighter being larger and the heavier being smaller), I really like that there is such a large range in weights. Plus, they’re very discreet; if you had them lying around, no one would suspect what they’re used for!