Posted by Kimberly Paterson

This is a personal testimonial from a friend of mine regarding the womanizer. 

She was a skeptic of this product so she decided she was going to test it. It claims that 92% of women have an orgasm within 60 seconds so she decided to use it for exactly 60 seconds. She was using the less powerful W 100 (not the more powerful special edition). She had her first orgasm at about 30 seconds during the 60 seconds that she used it she had three orgasms. She said it's unlike anything else she's ever used, it did not desensitize her the way vibration can. She said she could've gone on and on but she only planned on 60 seconds and her kids were eating dinner! Lol, so she had to get back to them. Basically, all the claims in that study are real and this toy is worth every penny.

Here is another testimonial for the Womanizer. This one was the special edition (red roses). 

"I used the womanizer last night, and that's when it happened I had my first "gusher" orgasm. While that first one was the only gusher orgasm that I had, it was definitely not my last orgasm. After the first orgasm it was every 10 seconds there be another and another I probably used this device for 5 to 10 minutes and I have no clue how many orgasms I had. It definitely broke my record for most orgasms at one time. If someone has never had an orgasm or wants to experience a different type of orgasm, or if they just don't have time for sex you have to try this. I am going to be telling all my friends about this. If you do not orgasm within the first minute shift the device, because it must not have a good connection.  At first, I thought this feels good, but not really sure that all the hype was about then I shifted the position of the device the tiniest little bit. If it's in the right spot you will know because you'll orgasm immediately."

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