Wisper Collection Nen Wa Balls

Exclusively Nasstoys! Wisper Collection Nen Wa Balls . Ben Wa style balls feature a polished finish. Sturdy retrieval cord. Waterproof, non-vibrating sex toy. Nen Wa Balls are made using phthalate free, non-toxic materials ABS plastic. ABS is hard plastic, non-porous, durable and easy to clean and maintain. All types of lubricants may be used with hard plastics. ABS products are safe, pure plus phthalate free. Each ball measures 1.25 inches in diameter. These balls do not move by battery power but rather by kinetic energy. Can be used in conjunction with Kegel exercises. Always clean before and after use. Wisper Collection Nen Wa Balls from Nasstoys of New York.

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