Tantus Strapless Slim - Blue

Tantus Strapless Classic Violet. You use the bulb end to hold the Tantus Strapless in place, using your internal muscles and with the new velvet surface, it is easier than ever to hold on to. The shaft end of the dildo comes up at a natural angle allowing you great penetration of a partner. No muss no fuss. Wearing the Tantus Strapless is a very different strap on experience. We recommend you wear it around the house getting used to your new center of gravity, how it moves and how you can control the movement before you try it with your partner. Vibrator: single speed removable waterproof bullet vibrator. Uses 3 AG13/LR44 type batteries. Safe for your body. Made from 100% Ultra Premium Silicone. Easy to clean. Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, hygienic, boilable, bleachable and dishwasher safe. Bulb diameter 1.5 inches. Bulb length 2.5 inches. Dildo diameter 1.5 inches. Dildo length 6 inches.

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