Rocks-Off Ruby Glow

Ruby Glow Dusk 10 Speed Massager from Rocks Off Toys. Pleasure for the seated lady. Ruby Glow will take you on an erotic journey deep, deep into the world of personal passion. Close your eyes, take a breath and feel the power as Ruby Glow contours closely and intimately to your most secret of places, caressing and stroking you as it teases your mind and body with each rippling vibration. Let the potent sensual rhythms of Ruby Glow be your guide as you feel your body respond and move to its powerful potent dual heartbeats, seductively taking you to your ultimate hands free orgasm.

Features: contoured for precision intimate contact. Dual independent motors. 10 powerful functions. Clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Velvet soft body safe silicone. Splashproof. Non penetrative. Can be used through clothing. Color Dusk Plum Purple. 2 AAA batteries are required.

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