Willy Rings 3 Pk Cockrings

Willy Rings 3 Pack Cock Rings from Oxballs. 3 pack super stretch cock ring, use them single, or stacked or layered. Oxballs new super stretch 3 pack Willy Rings cock rings, the perfect ring for guys that want a stretchy tight ring that lasts, this is not a jelly ring, Willy’s last. They also stack for gradual ball stretching, add more Willy’s when you want more stretch, slow steady gradual stretch really works! Willy Ring is a new Oxballs favorite. Willys are 3 rings made from our toughest Flex/TPR. Not cheap PVC that breaks after one use. They are the right size, the right stretch, the perfect size. You will get a lot of wear out of Willy and always be ready for a wank or fuck with the Willy 3 pack
Police Blue
Hot Pink

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