Fuck Friends Tiffany Love Doll W/ 3 Orifices

F*ck Friends Tiffany Love Doll with 3 Orifices from Hott Products. Run your hands down Tiffany’s slender waist and shapely hips while you plunge into her amazingly realistic soft pussy which looks and feels just like the real thing! Turn her around your bed and specially contoured vagina will make you explode every time! Tiffany will most definitely take your next sexual sensual encounter to a new level!

Features: life size inflatable triple hole love doll. Realistic, molded face and realistic eyes and long eyelashes. Mouth, Vagina, Anus material PVC. Love doll in a sitting position. Realistic enhanced lips. Soft perky breasts and erect pink nipples. Amazingly realistic pussy lips. Free air pump included. Free repair kit. USB warming stick. Vibrating egg. Sensual sound effects. Waterproof love doll. Tight pear shaped ass. Super soft realistic anus.

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