Forever Yours 2 Oz Tube Mint

Forever Yours Prolong Cream Vitamin E and Ginseng is available in two flavors: Creme de Menthe and Passion Fruit. Each sold separately. This flavored desensitizing cream is the perfect tool to make you last and last in bed! This product is water soluble! When the romance begins, you'll want to keep it up longer with our amazing Forever Yours which allows you that extra time for more pleasure. This prolong creme will temporarily desensitize for that lasting encounter. Latex condom compatible and great for oral sex, simply massage a few drops into the head of the penis before beginning sex and enjoy the results! When the fun is done, this cream washes away easily with soap and water. Small non-graphic, discreet tube can be easily kept in a bedside drawer for spontaneous encounters. Type: Desensitizing Cream. Flavor: Mint Volume: 2 fluid ounces. Forever Yours Prolong Cream Creme de Menthe is a registered trademark for Kingman My Joy Collection Murrieta California.

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