Exsens Of Paris Hot Kiss Play Lip Gloss - Coconut

EXSENS Coconut Hot Kiss will take your make-out sessions to the next level! With a gentle warming, buzzing sensation upon application, a cooling tingling sensation just seconds later, and delicious coconut flavor, you will want to make sure this lip gel is always close at hand! This vegan, paraben free arousal lip gloss makes for fun smooch sessions, plus it is totally body safe! So just apply a dash to your lips and kiss your partner up, down and all around! Paraben Free. Vegan Ingredients. Phenoxyethanol Free. Sugar Free. Coconut Flavor Warm Buzzing Effect. Cool Tingling Effect. For Lips and Body (Intimate Areas) No Bitter Aftertaste. Colorless. Non-Sticky. NGREDIENTS: VEGAN GLYCERIN, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, AROMA (FLAVOR), CARBOMER, ETHYL MENTHANE CARBOXAMIDE, SODIUM SACCHARIN, AQUA (WATER), SODIUM HYDROXIDE

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