Bfit Classic - Jade


Who doesn't want stronger and more frequent orgasms? Train your sensitivity with the Bfit Classic love balls: an adjustable pelvic floor muscle training complete with four interchangeable weights that deliver deeply exciting sensations. Two user-friendly harnesses have been perfected with an ultra-thin (yet super-strong) cord for maximum comfort while training your pelvic floor muscles. Start with the lighter weights of 28 g and work your way up to the heavier weights of 38 g (76 g in total) for stronger pelvic floor training. Weight: 2 x 28 g, 2 x 38 g Diameter ball: 2 , 9 cm, 3.6 cm Box contents: 1 x instruction booklet, 1 x case, 2 x silicone harnesses, 4 x free floating weights Waterproof:


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