Posted by Krista Arendsen

Welcome back to our staff picks for July. We've got some great recommendations this month including the ultimate couple's toy. Something to heat you up and something else to cool you down. Plus a little luxe BDSM to keep things spicy. Check out picks from the past months in the links below. Enjoy!

Paul (Burnsville) – Yoga by ScreamingO.

Yoga by Screaming O
“I love this product because it’s rechargeable and it’s made of soft, stretchy TPE plastic which makes it really comfortable to wear. It’s a great couples toy because a man can wear half of it while a woman can use the other loop to direct contact with her, especially in the woman-on-top position. The bullet has a nice, low rumble and multiple speeds.”

Krista (the web) – Coco de Mer Massage Candle

Coco de mer candle
“A little bit of luxury goes a long way with this sexy smelling candle. Massage candles are a great way to set and get into the mood. The smell is really nice and I love the feel of the oil for massage. A great gift idea too. Hint, Hint!”

Dani (Fargo) – Kama Sutra Soaring Spirit

Kama Sutra Oil
"I love anything that smells like mint so this was an instant favorite! I do recommend warming it up in your hands before putting it on your partner as room temperature oil feels cold on the skin. Really high glide and lasts forever." 

Heather (Fargo) – Fifty Shades Cherished Collection Riding Crop
Riding Crop

"It has the most amazing snap and if you want to feel a sweet sting, these are the perfect toys! Plus they are absolutely Beautiful!"

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